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United States
Current Residence: Minnesota
Favourite genre of music: Eclectic
one. Jeremy Knight
two. Leah Vogel
three. Haylen Vasquez
four. Grant Kelly
five. Laney Malone
six. Riley Gallagher
seven. Magnus Lang
eight. Deandre Elkins
nine. Antonin Rice
ten. Frankie Gallagher

Would you tell a stranger if they had spinach in their teeth?
JK: "If it was bothering me."
LV: "Yeah."
HV: "Yeah."
GK: -thinks about it- "I might hint at it, but yeah."
LM: "I'd point to their teeth."
RG: "Yes."
ML: "Doesn't bother me."
DE: "I wouldn't. Haha."
AR: -stares-
FG: "I would."

If you found out you couldn't have kids, would you adopt?
JK: "Yeah."
LV: "Yes."
HV: -stares-
GK: "If it was that important, yeah."
LM: "Yeah.."
RG: "Yes."
ML: "Already did that."
DE: "Sure."
AR: "No."
FG: "Yes."

What is your preferred method of birth control?
JK: -blinks-
LV: -rubs neck-
HV: -looks at ceiling-
GK: -stares at wall-
LM: -picks at nails-
RG: -stares at me-
ML: "Pill."
DE: -adjusts collar-
AR: "None."
FG: "Pill."

If you had to eliminate a single type of animal forever more, which would you choose?
JK: "Expuli."
LV: -looks uncomfortable-
HV: "Men. ...Sorry, guys. Well, except the ones I like."
GK: "On that subject... Stepdads."
LM: -looks at floor-
RG: "Expuli."
ML: "Expuli."
DE: -rubs back of neck-
AR: "Everyone."
FG: "Expuli."

Have you ever lied about your age?
JK: "No."
LV: "No."
HV: "No."
GK: -shakes head-
LM: "No."
RG: "Nope."
ML: "Sometimes I don't answer. Does that count?"
DE: "Yes. Haha."
AR: -looks at ceiling-
FG: "No."

Ever had an encounter with the police?
JK: -laughs-
LV: "Nope."
HV: "...yeah."
GK: "No."
LM: "Nope."
RG: "No."
ML: -grins-
DE: "No."
AR: -smiles a bit, still looking up-
FG: "You could say that.

If you could give your parents one gift, what would it be?
JK: -looks to the side-
LV: "I'd go home to visit them."
HV: "More visits, like Leah said."
GK: "I'd..." -looks down, stops-
LM: -side glances GK, looks away-
RG: "Hmm. I don't know. I'd ask them what they wanted."
ML: "Nah."
DE: "I'd be quiet for an hour."
AR: -looks bored-
FG: "No comment."

Ever stolen something out of someone's yard?
JK: "Nothing I can say here."
LV: "No..."
HV: "No."
GK: "No."
LM: -shakes head-
RG: "I've stolen Trey out of his yard before..."
ML: "No."
DE: "Kind of the same story as Riley."
AR: -closes eyes-
FG: "Nope."

Did you ever aspire to be a model?
JK: -looks at me-
LV: "No... That doesn't really interest me."
HV: "HAH. No."
GK: "No, thanks."
LM: -looks at me strangely-
RG: "That'd be kinda fun."
ML: "No, thanks."
DE: "Hell yeah. Haha."
AR: -keeps eyes closed-
FG: "No, thanks..."

When playing truth or dare, which do you choose?
JK: "Dare."
LV: "Dare."
HV: "Dare."
GK: "Truth."
LM: "Truth."
RG: "Dare."
ML: "Dare."
AR: -is asleep-
FG: "Truth."

Were you an "early bloomer"?
JK: "Yeah. I mean. I grew up fast."
LV: "I think I was pretty average."
HV: "I guess."
GK: "No."
LM: "No way."
RG: "Nah."
ML: "I guess I was."
DE: "I wish."
AR: -is asleep-
FG: "Not really, no."

Do you or have you watched porn?
JK: "No comment."
LV: -looks at me strangely- "Uh, no."
HV: -snorts- "No."
GK: -mumbles something-
LM: -blushes- "God, no."
RG: "Yes."
FG: "What?"
RG: "I mean, no..."
ML: "I get enough to stay away from that."
DE: "Well..."
AR: -is asleep-
FG: "No."

Do you wish your boobs were bigger?
JK: -snorts- "No."
LV: "Um... Kind of. Not a lot. Just. You know."
HV: "No."
GK: "I don't think this applies to me."
LM: -is embarrassed- "Pass."
RG: "Yes."
ML: "Skip."
DE: "I've been dreaming for some double D's over here."
AR: -is asleep-
FG: "No."

What's your view on premarital sex?
JK: "It's going to happen."
LV: "I don't think there's anything wrong with it as long as you're safe."
HV: "Whatever floats your boat."
GK: -shrugs-
LM: -looks at ceiling- "Pass."
RG: "I like it lots. Heh."
FG: "Riley."
RG: -smacks face- "I keep forgetting you're here. God."
ML: "I agree with Jeremy."
DE: "My specialty."
AR: -is asleep-
FG: -sighs-

Are you closer to your mom or dad?
JK: "Neither."
LV: "Both."
HV: "Dad."
GK: "I guess my mom."
LM: "Neither."
RG: "Um... Both."
ML: "Not sure."
DE: "Daddeh."
AR: -is asleep-
FG: "Dad."

Would you ever take an ex back?
JK: -smiles- "Oh yeah."
LV: "Depends."
HV: "Haven't had to deal with that."
GK: "Didn't I leave her for a reason?"
LM: "Probably not."
RG: "Yes."
ML: "Eh."
DE: "Depends why we broke up."
AR: -is asleep-
FG: "I would."

Have you ever thought you were pregnant?
JK: "Can't say I've had that issue before."
LV: -looks at wall-
HV: "Hah."
GK: "No."
LM: "Nope."
RG: "No."
ML: "No."
DE: "Every day!"
AR: -is asleep-
FG: "Well, when I was actually pregnant, yeah."

Do you or have you had any diseases?
ALL ( - AR ): "Yeah."

If you could, in retrospect, change one thing about your childhood, what would it be?
JK: "I would have killed my dad earlier."
LV: "I loved being a kid."
HV: "Wouldn't have gone out that night."
GK: "One thing comes to mind."
LM: -is quiet-
RG: "I liked my childhood."
ML: "Don't know."
DE: "Eh. I don't know..."
AR: -is asleep-
FG: "No."

Have you ever had sex with someone you didn't have feelings for?
JK: "Yeah."
LV: "No."
HV: "Yes."
GK: "No."
LM: "No."
RG: "No."
ML: "Yes."
DE: "No."
AR: -is asleep-
FG: "No."

Would you rather be known for saving 300 people or being a pornstar?
JK: "Saving 300 people."
LV: "Same."
HV: "Saving lives."
GK: "What they said."
LM: "Same."
RG: "Saving people, duh."
ML: "Hahaha."
DE: "Can you say: PORNSTAR!"
AR: -is asleep-
FG: "You know what I would choose."

Would you want your future children to date someone like you as a teenager?
JK: "Absolutely not."
LV: "Yes."
HV: "Yes."
GK: "Sure."
LM: "If they wanted to."
RG: "Yes."
ML: "Sure."
DE: "I wouldn't. Haha. I'm kidding. Why not."
AR: -is asleep-
FG: "Sure."

If you could choose the very last thing you will see before death, what would it be?
JK: "My family."
LV: "Leo."
HV: "Eli."
GK: "Nothing."
LM: "I don't know."
RG: "Pass."
ML: "Let's not think about that. Skip."
DE: "Damn. Depressing."
AR: -is asleep-
FG: "My family."


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